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For the remedial(this video is FICTION)fun,entertainment,I’m a MAJOR fan of cici and babygirl,there is NO mastermind trying 2 make ciara aaliyah,so to all the 14 year old girls,and the 20 something gay boys who feel as though aaliyah is GOD and this is blasphemous for one you can go take a gasoline enema and smoke a damn cigarette and blow yo damn self slap da hell up,but this shit is for PRETEND,not real!!! understand??…so enjoy the video,dont watch it if u like whatever,Its only to point out small similarities and that’s it…Now I’m off to embarrass this little bitch that sent me a comment,She made a mistake and caught me on the right day…now…I shall destroy her LMAO..2 all my homies out there and friends and fans of the vid’s I love yall feel free 2 hit me up and lets talk about shit ya feel me,and look for part 2 coming asap and a NEW series discussing history repeating it’s self in music who’s the new who??……

Kendrick Lamar illuminati Puppet Disses Aaliyah

The Aaliyah/Ciara Conspiracy

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