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One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful – Lucifer’s Youth Choir

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“International Megadigital has teamed up One Direction with Satan Himself to get the cutest little fallen angels to cover THE HOTTEST POP SONGS™ every Sunday on Lucifer’s Youth Choir. Enjoy the little ones singing What Makes You Beautiful”

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One Direction using ILLUMINATI SYMBOLS!

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Have One Direction sold their souls to Satan/Illuminati for fame and fortune? Exposed?

The puppet master “god” of this world, (through the Illuminati) controls everything from banking to the music industry. Anyone or anything with power or influence is usually used. Even the Beatles were puppets or “tools” of their secular agenda…

Today we have another foursome… One Direction.

1D are NOT the “Illuminati” (let’s make that clear), BUT as their popularity & influence has grown, they have also been selected to promote the secular agenda & symbolism to the younger generation, just as Gaga, Jay-Z, Ke$ha & others have.

We’ve all seen others embrace this occult 666 Illuminati symbolism…


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