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Congratulations to me by Selena Gomez – illuminati analysis

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In the beginning of the music video Selena is looking in the mirror. Looking in a mirror is a trigger for victims of Monarch programming.

Congratulations to me by Selena Gomez - illuminati analysis

Monarch programming is a mind-controlling technique practiced by the CIA for years now, symbolized by a monarch butterfly. we can see this butterfly on “Wizards of Waverly Place”, the show which Selena stars in.

This is the monarch butterfly:

monarch butterfly

Check out how it’s subliminally hidden in the show:



selena gomez monarch

So anyway, Monarch programming consists of making a person go through so much trauma (electroshock, torture…) that their brain divides into multiple personalities making them easier to control the triggers (such as: looking in the mirror) will stimulate the alternation from one personality to another! we can see that in the music video cause when she is looking in the mirror we can see her alter ego. let me just point out that the first Selena we see is dressed in black and white symbolizing her belonging to the illuminati. and then the alter ego comes out of the mirror as if to say she changed personalities. Then the two Selenas start singing “Congratulations to me “. since she is illuminati and belongs to them, that means her success is their success. in other words she’s actually Congratulating the illuminati for THEIR success.



The Illuminati’s Pedo Obsession – Selena Gomez

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I’ll be discussing the Illuminati’s Pedo Obsession in this series.Sick freaks run the world… for now,very poorly I’d add.The Best Evidence of Earth’s True History My original Humanswin Credo on my channel for many years( Not now,as they “improved” all our channel designs!) : KNOWLEDGE IS WORTH MORE THAN GOLD-A FREE MIND CAN’T BE CONTROLLED – VICTORY’S FOR BRAVE BOLD-FOR EVIL NOW THE BELL IS TOLLED-OUR INNER STRENGTH THEY WILL BEHOLD-WATCH IT NOW ALL UNFOLD-THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD….Humans Win By By Standing Up To Injustice- Humans Win By Losing Their Fear- Humans Win By Researching The Truth Themselves- Humans Win By Opening Their Minds AND Then Their Mouths- Humans Win By Knowing We Are Great But Not The Greatest Power and We Shall Protecting Those that Are Unable To Do So,Be They Man Or Be They Animal-Humans Win By Respecting This Earth We All Live On But Knowing It Is Not Our Possession-Humans Win By Reaching Their Potential-Humanswin

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