All content on IlluminatiCelebrities.com is taken from public sources (mainly YouTube videos created by other people). The views expressed in the videos are those of their creators and not necessarily of IlluminatiCelebrities.com.

The name of the site IlluminatiCelebrities.com does not imply that the celebrities discussed are part of the secret society popularly referred to as “the Illuminati”. Rather, the artists are mere puppets that are used by the occult elite to indoctrinate the masses with their satanic ideology. In many cases, the artists are victims of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Sometimes the trauma they endure is so horrific that they lose their personalities and become empty shells, ready to be programmed to take on different personas for the public. For more information on this subject please educate yourself by reading about “mind control” and “MK Ultra“.

Remember: we should not hate or despise these celebrities for doing so much harm though their art. In most cases, they have no control over their work. We also shouldn’t envy their lifestyle. Even if they have more money than you and me, their life is not happy or glamorous – in fact they are miserable human beings who are being repeatedly used and abused. We should pray for them to accept Jesus Christ as their savior, and become free from their (seen and unseen) tormentors – even if this means stepping out of the limelight.

The ones to blame are their handlers and the entertainment industry execs, who are keeping these celebrities as their personal slaves, ready to be used for profit and for promoting their satanic agenda, and then discarded (killed) when they are no longer needed. The only way we could stop this evil is to STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS. Just don’t buy any more music or movies that you know are associated with this satanic crap. Boycotting the evil entertainment industry will only hurt the big Illuminati businesses and not the celebrities themselves, who will actually benefit from this and be a step closer to becoming free.

Final note: whenever you hear about so-and-so famous person doing something you realize is wrong, don’t think that they are stupid or greedy or evil. Instead, realize that there are very powerful people who keep them enslaved and make them do such things, even against their will. Please send these celebrities support messages and positive thoughts, and pray for their souls.

God bless!