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Disney illuminati fully exposed – satanic antichrist brainwash exposed

Scripture warns us to love not the world neither the THINGS THAT ARE IN the world or the love of the Father will not be in us. Disney is of this world it owns marvel illuminati star wars illuminati which preaches new age mysticism and spirituality through the force Pixar illuminati . All the princess mickey mouse Donald duck goofy illuminati scene Disney trailers the whole company from disney toys to Disney channel programming Mickey mouse clubk ultra Britney spears brainwashed Christina aguleira illuminati myley Cyrus exposed smiley is now the illuminati princess and her programming was conducted by Disney in this video disney magic is exposed in the light of Christ should christians watch disney disney is magic God hates magic disney is evil

Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia and Satanic Rolemodels!


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