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The Illuminati are targeting your children with movies to prepare them to accept the NWO of The Antichrist. In this video I expose the latest movie from ILLUMINATION ENTERTAINMENT (and no I did not make that up … The entertainment company is literally named after the state of enlightenment one received in a Luciferian cult!). Hellywood has once again managed to make evil look and appear good and innocent. The minions are evil wicked little things trying to serve the most evil person. Be not deceived! Evil is evil no matter what! Please help warn people and especially parents and like, share and subscribe. God Bless, STAY VIGILANT & FEAR NO EVIL !!!

Dead Celebs (MK Ultra Satanic HollyWood Industry)

Illuminati Lego Satanic Movie EXPOSED! Most Satanic Illuminati Movie EVER !!!

Gays + Homosexual Rituals In The Hip Hop Industry - Satanic illuminati Exposed

Satanic Disney’s Big Hero 666 Illuminati Mind Control 4 Children! Transhumanism EXPOSED

SATANIC Minions of The ILLUMINATI EXPOSED !!! Illuminati Entertainment 4 Kids!

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