POPPY: The Truth

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💀 Is POPPY Illuminati 💀
In this video I deep dive into ThatPoppy and look into who she is and what she is doing on YouTube.
There have been many speculations whether Poppy is in the Illuminati as well as many conspiracies being formed over her.

So in this video I answer the questions, whether poppy is in Illuminati or not

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American Idol CAUGHT Trying to Exploit Transgender Singer! Illuminati Transgender Agenda EXPOSED

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The Illuminati is using media to confuse people about their sexuality. Shoving homosexuality and transgenderism down our throats until we conform and accept their satanic ideologies! In this video I show PROOF there is a deliberate attempt to do this … American Idol was caught trying to pressure a transgender singer for the simple fact she is a transgender! Please help me raise awareness by sharing this video! God Bless, STAY VIGILANT & FEAR NO EVIL !!!

AMERICAN IDOLatry EXPOSED !!! The Illuminati False System of Worship !!!

Article –

Transgender Bruce/Caitlyn Illuminati Satanic Occult Transformation EXPOSED

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Baptism By Fire Seeing the Baphomet Satanic Illuminati NWO Transgender Agenda

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What a baptism by fire it is to see the endtime evil of the 666 beast system!! Yet, as we continue to stand strong in Jesus not shrinking back from the Holy Spirit revealing the truth to us… UP WE ARISE IN JESUS CHRIST! The power of the cross and blood of Jesus… the love and grace of God… be magnified! Yes, we can face this and overcome. I feel stronger. Baptism by fire. Sharing. God bless you!

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