Truth About Will Smith and Gay Hollywood Casting Couch

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This documentary is compiled and shared under the protection of the Fair usage allowance in Copyright law.
Guy speaking is Yash Qaraah –
Thanks to TheBlackChild YouTube channel for a lot of the video:
Thanks to Kevin MacLeod for majority of background music on my channel. –
Full Professor Griff speech –

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Why they killed Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston

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My “conspiracy theory” on why Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina died
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The plug on Bobbi Kristina has been pulled
Funeral Plans
Similar Incident day before
Fresh Prince
Tboz hold Clive Davis at gun point
Februrary 2015 Moon phases
Februrary 2012 Moon phases
Nicki Minaj and pope impersonator
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012

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Amanda Bynes MK-Ultra Mind-Control Hollywood Style by J. Parra

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Hollywood and music stars are under MK-ultra mind-control by their handlers. Amanda Bynes is the latest mind-control victim to break down and reveal that she is being mind-controlled.

Some interesting comments from Youtube:

Daniel Groulx: “Seems like she saw a demon bugging her. The satanic people behind showbiz like to control people.”

Rose Gypsy Arts: “Has Diane Sawyer ever spoke about the moment Brit says weird, oh hello! etc. ??? I think Brit was trying to hold it together & just blurted out those words because she had a sudden rush of emotion……..I’m not saying it is or isn’t mind control but I have reacted kinda like that before with things”

Jade Row: “actually what this said about Russell brand is now in 2015 dead on because he is trying to bring his followers some “truth” smh thats crazy!!!”

basslinin: “Just another hollyweird victim..she wasn’t strong enough to handle the pressure”

Faith: “Weird was not the trigger word. The interviewer said “spasm” and when she said that britney’s head popped up and she started crying.”

MagicN9ne: “Yeah that cell phone footage of her looking in the mirror is very odd, like wtf is going on with her face?”

Goldielocks Mgee: “The best thing to do for these poor victims is pray for them…God Bless xo”

Frank Bobbit: “Watch her hand at 11:22 it looks like she’s showing hand language… I agree with the word “weird” being a trigger. Also she says “hello” a couple times and is looking like she is talking to some on her right and looking at that – illusion.”

Christopher Wildey: “MK&A Olson seems to fall into this also. The Illuminati has stepped WAY to far and needs to be brought down and put under ground!”

Angelina Lazar: “This was a warning to her that if she does not play ball, the same will happen to her to get her in line! And that’s EXACTLY what HAPPENED! . . . HORRIBLE FIENDS! GOD FORBID! God Bless her and help her break through!”

OpenYourEyes 1: “I saw that one of Britney before..looks to me like something or an entity came up beside her and she reacted as if someone did. I know hollyweird is satanic…its like she knew the entity was there because she freaked out and changed on the spot…and said hello! and started crying..ive been studying conspiracies for 12 years now and recently started reading the bible after being saved, and I know most of the people have been possessed or under mind can even see it on plenty of videos illpray for these people and hopefully they can get out of it…jesus saves! the way the world is getting I believe we don’t have much longer.”

Mind Space Apocalypse (Overkill-MSA): “It’s almost 1 year after this posted and that’s exactly what’s going on with Russel Brand right now. Look up the book he’s out promoting”

Trish Lahey: “Amanda Bynes was too spiritually pure. The mind control just would not take. That is what I think.”

Pinkshots69: “so sad to see people this way. Fame does not bring happiness in any way shape or form. it takes away your soul and it also takes away your true being. So many want out, but they cant. They are now totally controlled. OMG Sounds like the word handler is another word very much like pimp don’t you think?”

Mind Space Apocalypse (Overkill-MSA): “You can talk until you’re blue, some people are just so programmed and hard-wired sheep they can’t, or refuse to, see what’s right in front of their face day-in and day-out. They live in their bubbles and won’t realize what’s going on until it’s too late, sad.”

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Proof Whitney Houston Was Murdered

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The Coroner’s Office says Whitney used cocaine “immediately prior to her collapse.” Investigators who arrived on scene found no traces of cocaine or any other illegal substance.

One source who is extremely close to the situation tells us … the individual who removed the cocaine was also the person who supplied it to Whitney.

As we previously reported, other items were removed from the room as well, including bed sheets.

The coroner is stupid. He says that cocaine was found in Whitney’s body at acute levels and directly contributed to her death — but NO cocaine nor any traces of the deadly drug were found in her room.

Whitney consumed a heavy dose of cocaine right before she died — but all traces of the drug were obviously removed from her room before the cops arrived! This is the definition of foul play — someone is covering up the truth.

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