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Illuminati Rebellion: It Will Cost You Your Life (Michael & Spears)

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The entertainment industry is nothing but corruption, and if you dont play by the rules.. like Tupac, Biggie, Michael and others, you will be killed. But Britney was the only one brave enough to be so evident, and if it continued.. I have no doubt she would have been killed aswell, it’s really sad to think about.

You’ll find overall info here:

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Michael King of Pop Jackson Breaks His Silence Speaks Out on $ony & Tommy Mottola

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The Gigi Iam Show: Michael Jackson, Singer Songwriter, Dancer, Stylist, King of Pop, King of Music, King, Super Super Star, Superstardom, Kingdom, Angel, Artist, Performer, Dynamic Businessman, Dynamic Force of Energy, Philanthropist, A Real Icon, Legend, Music Mastermind, Listed in Guinness World Records 8+ times here are a few, Greatest Selling Album, Greatest Selling Artist of All Time, Largest Span of Top 40 Singles, Greatest Humanitarian Most Supported Charities throughout the entire world, Michael Jackson, a humanitarian of over twenty plus years worth of charitable acts and good will to the entire world and the list goes on;

Michael Jackson is a Son, Brother, Uncle, Husband, Father, Friend, Family Member, The Greatest Entertainer of All Time, Gifted, a Musical Genius, Highly Intelligent, Brilliant, Musical Mastermind, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Stunning, Sexy, Sensual, Alluring, Powerful, Electric, Unconventional, Exceptional, Intense, Thrilling, Lovely, Magnetic, Dazzling, Divine Love…

“I’ve generated billions and billons of dollars for $ony…” – Michael Jackson

The sign Michael is holding says, “$ony Kills Music!” Really, really listen to what Michael Jackson is stating, read between the lines.

2002 Michael Jackson speaks out and breaks his silence about $ony and Tommy Mottola: Help Support Michael Jackson in His Truth and Legacy. Supporting Michael will cause a "domino effect" and bring about amazing change in the music industry, destroying large corporation conspiracy, toxic greed and evil corruption. With hope of a better future for all artists and the entire world, God Bless!

Help Michael by Giving Your Support:
Support "Justice For Michael (King of Music) Jackson" by starting petitions in your community and have everyone sign it, send it everywhere throughout the US, and including Britain demanding justice for Michael Jackson now. What happened to Michael Jackson should never have happened and if people responsible are allowed to get away with destroying him, then ask yourself, who's next? Many people used their power in very evil ways, this is bigger and deeper than most fans that love Michael really know, however if you look deeper and do your own research you will get closer to the truth. Watch for our special report on official website.

ps. Stay away from Television, Cable and Papers for your information, you have to dig deeper than that because they will not tell you the truth, remember there is an evil wide spread conspiracy going on. PRAY FOR Michael Jackson's JUSTICE.

"Michael Jackson is the biggest success that ever happened in musical history" … Quincy Jones

*Note: Major Corporations are Corrupt! Singers, Songwriters Become Independent Artists!

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Beyonce Exposed 2010… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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A warning has been given… your fate is now your OWN!

Beyonce to Sasha Fierce: Symbolic Occult Rebirth http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/beyonce-to-sasha-fierce-symolic-occult-rebirth/

An insight – The ones who control the Music Industry are the ones who control the banks they been controlling the Music Industry since it began.

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Nicki Minaj Demon Possessed Satanic Witch

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Many of today’s top artist have joined a satanic cult know as The Illuminati! Since this is a Luciferian cult they are into practicing witchcraft and contact demons! In this video I show you how Niki Minaj is a demon possessed Illuminati witch puppet! God Bless

Watch Part 2 – http://youtu.be/E5pMdru8s_0

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This video examines the subliminal messages hidden in E.T and Part of me.

Research Links :





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Lady Gaga & Adam Lambert Using Satanic Symbolism

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Adam Lambert recorded a song by Lady Gaga. I wonder if he is aware she is a freemason?

I also wonder if he knows that once masons get to the 33rd degree level – that they swear an oath to Lucifer?

Two eyes are better than one, Adam. Better open them both, friend, and take a good look around you.

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