A look into yet another famous hollywood star’s occult propaganda. I do not own any materials and hold the right to use it for educational purposes.

Kim Kardashian’s occult wedding and satanic practices. The Kardashians have gained much fame throughout Hollywood in a very short period of time. By their own admissions they told the press “we don’t know how we got here”. Let us take a look at how they got there shall we?

It is important to know that the word occult simply means: hidden. Many in Hollywood use these occult images in what is called an allegory meaning. That is under the guise of another hidden meaning. Many occult groups agree that symbols have power. And more than often are used to cast spells upon their viewers. Youtube Zeena LaVey and Nikolas Schreck interview for a more in depth look… straight from the horse’s mouth. If you are anything like me, you want to see proof that some of your favorite stars are actually worshipping satan…

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