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Zendaya Illuminati ritual fail – Rhianna cast as Aaliyah in movie?

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So you probably heard the news by now that Zendaya Coleman lost her role in the Aaliyah biopic from the Lifetime Network. And the news that Pop superstar Rhianna was cast as the new lead spread quickly!

And all of this made me thing about something.

I remember hearing years ago, that celebrities said that they performed rituals to invoke a deceased persons spirit to enter them, so that they’d not just act out a role of a dead celebrity or historical figure. But rather become that person by letting them inside of them.

And I had an interesting thought. Did Zendaya attempt to invoke the spirit of Aaliyah and was not able to pull off the ritual? Did the Illuminati in Hollyweird, “Black Ball” her? And snatch the film role from her clutches?

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The Conspiracy Behind Christina Aguilera’s Bionic Bomb

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The truth behind the Christina Aguilera Backlash back in 2010 was exposed by ‘The Examiner’ (http://www.examiner.com/article/the-conspiracy-behind-christina-aguilera-s-bionic-bomb).

This exposé is really convincing. In my opinion, Lady Gaga’s camp is so threatened by Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’ album. During that time, Interscope Records is promoting Gaga’s ‘The Fame Monster’ album, when I heard the whole of the ‘Bionic’ album, I got the instincts that it would crash Lady Gaga into pieces. Christina’s album is filled with fresh mainstream tracks ready to kill leading pop acts in the charts. I believe it was sabotaged by her antis.

To Gaga, Akon, Perez Hilton and Interscope records: What goes around, comes around… so be on your guards.

btw, that’s not my voice lol


Your Chicago Pop Music Examiner recently attended a secret meeting at the Hilton in Downtown Chicago. I wasn’t told what it was about (I assumed a bunch of Lady Gaga fans gathered there to kill me), but had to go due to curiosity.

There were seven people at this meeting and I was basically strip searched so I couldn’t record any information. An audio recording, which took place on April 2, 2010, was played and featured a bunch of people in a room talking about ways to destroy Christina Aguilera’s upcoming “atomic disaster” Bionic.

“I have already emailed Perez Hilton ,” a man with a thick Middle Eastern accent said. Another suggested that they “work the phones,” which sounded like he meant to have people call radio stations and tell them to not play the the album’s first single “Not Myself Tonight.”

“Nobody cares about the phones; it’s all about the blogs!” a frog-like voice that belonged to a guy named Roger revealed. The next part of the tape featured the group playing “Not Myself Tonight” and laughing over it. After the record stopped, insults were made about Christina Aguilera that are too offensive to talk about here.

The guy who led the present meeting at the Hilton was a former record executive who now teaches at Columbia University. He believes the April 2, 2010 meeting was held by Interscope executives. However, the name Lady Gaga wasn’t mentioned once in the recording.

(Source: The Examiner)

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