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Miley Cyrus rebels against dad at the VMAs – twerking – emotional incest?

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Miley Cyrus shocks the world including celebrities when she dances sexually, simulates sex on live TV – twerking at the VMAs. Is this a sign of emotional incest?

Emotional Mojo TV show hosts get fired up! Patrick Wanis says Miley’s sexual behavior is a direct rebellion against her father Billy Ray Cyrus. Wanis says her dad baptized the family before bringing them to Los Angeles in order to protect them from Satan the Devil.

Wanis says: “I am not accusing Billy Ray of abusing anyone. Billy Ray has admitted that he was wrong as a father trying to be her best friend.From Wikipedia: “The term covert incest (also known as emotional incest or psychic incest)…a relationship between parents and children that is sexualized and expects a child to fulfill adult emotional roles, though without actual incest.” Also research the work of Dr. Patricia Love.”
Also watch the video response “Miley’s dad is lying – ashamed of her Twerking at VMAs”

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