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Aaliyah Illumninati interview with MTV leads to Sacrifice ritual! Secrets revealed!

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Aaliyah interview about Kemet (Egypt) Ankh may have caused Illuminati to sacrifice her! Mason reveals “secrets” for MTV!


Back in the day, Pop superstar Aaliyah Dana Haughton did an interview with MTV on show called “Stripped”. During the interview, she was asked about her tattoos. Aaliyah had at least 4 at the time, however, the one that she chose to speak about was her Kemetic “Egyptian” Ankh on her right wrist.

Here’s what she had to say about it. “I don’t know if you heard that I am really enthralled with Egypt. And in my apartment in New York, I have authentic Egyptian pictures, Egyptian rugs, pyramids
and a lot of different little Egyptian artifacts around my place. And I just have this, I feel this connection with Egypt for some reason. So I really want to get, represent something on my body. I have a few tattoos, and I wanted to get one that was Egyptian, This is the newest one, its about a month old”

I tend to read women very well, and I think that Aaliyah was lying, or rather deceiving the interviewer. You can clearly see that she is forming different Mudras, or hand postures while she’s talks about the obviously sensitive subject. And you can hear how uncomfortable she is even talking about it.
Further more, if you look into her eyes, you can clearly see that she is holding something back!

A lot of celebrities are involved with different occult groups. And it honestly wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Aaliyah was a member of the Order of The Eastern Star. She was around people like Jay -z, R. Kelly, who she married, and Dam Dash, the man she was engaged to at the time of her death.

Nothing really surprises me about celebrities! Until I see one of them rip his or her face off and reveal they’re an alien, I will continue to not be surprised one bit by their antics!

So, after watching the video clip, do you think that Aaliyah was in a weirdo Secret Society or cult group such as the Order of The Eastern Stars? Was she a Sentinel in the order? Did she guard the door to make sure that only actual members of the cult enter? Are pictures gonna pop up of her wearing upside down stars, white fez hats and talking about being a daughter of Isis? I hope not!

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Katy Perry’s “Roar” a Message to the Illuminati? “Prism” Album Has Double Meaning?

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A lot of people thought that Katy Perry’s hit song from her last album “Wide Awake” was her showing that she had dismissed the Illuminati and refused to be their puppet. Now, she has announced the title of her forthcoming album as “Prism” and released the song and video for “Roar,” which has already rose up the charts to give her another #1 hit single. Is “Roar” the next logical step from “Wide Awake?” Has Katy Perry defeated the Illuminati?

And how will they take the news, if that is the case? And think about the album title “Prism.” There are two schools of thought on that one. One is that the prism indicates that she is seeing through the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati pyramid. Which also means she is admitting that they are in control and see all. The other interesting point is that so much has been made of the American surveillance program since the Edward Snowden incident. The program is often referred to as PRISM. In any case, there are some interesting coincidences, and we hope that this does not mean that the Illuminati will make this Katy’s last album.

And for those of you that are on the other side of the fence and think that Katy Perry is in the Illuminati up to her earrings, well, here’s a video that examines some of the symbolism that supports that argument.

Source: commonsenseconspiracy.com

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MK Ultra Celebrity Victims – Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, and More!!!

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Celebrity Illuminati Members: church-of-illumination.com/illuminati-exposed-2013
More Info About The NWO: http://church-of-illumination.com/articles

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One Direction using ILLUMINATI SYMBOLS!

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Have One Direction sold their souls to Satan/Illuminati for fame and fortune? Exposed?

The puppet master “god” of this world, (through the Illuminati) controls everything from banking to the music industry. Anyone or anything with power or influence is usually used. Even the Beatles were puppets or “tools” of their secular agenda…

Today we have another foursome… One Direction.

1D are NOT the “Illuminati” (let’s make that clear), BUT as their popularity & influence has grown, they have also been selected to promote the secular agenda & symbolism to the younger generation, just as Gaga, Jay-Z, Ke$ha & others have.

We’ve all seen others embrace this occult 666 Illuminati symbolism…


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Madonna: I wouldn’t have a career if it weren’t for the gay community!!

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In response to the abundance of recent gay teen suicides that have been linked to bullying, many celebrities have taken the initiative to make their voices heard. Madonna will join the pack today (Nov. 9), when she appears on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” with a special message.

“I wouldn’t have a career if it weren’t for the gay community,” says Madonna, via a satellite interview with Ellen. “I feel like it would be incredibly remiss of me to not say something.”

In her “Ellen” interview airing today (Nov. 9), Madonna reveals her own personal struggles as a teen, and discloses that she, too, felt alienated in high school.

“There was no group that I felt apart of — I just felt like a weirdo,” the singer admits. She also attributes the support of her homosexual ballet teacher to making her feel more comfortable in her own skin as a teen.

“Everyone should have someone in their life that they can feel encouragement from,” Madonna adds.

In response to the rash of gay teen suicides in the news this year, artists from all over the musical spectrum have taken a stand against homosexual bullying. Most have been offering their words of encouragement through the “It Gets Better,” a project designed specifically to console struggling LGBT teens.

The Ellen Show UGC has blocked this video on copyright grounds.

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