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Lady Gaga Illuminati 58th Grammy Award David Bowie Tribute Ritual 2016

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(INTEL) Lady Gaga set to play “Lucifer” at 2016 Grammys
Lady Gaga is teaming up with Intel to make her 2016 Grammys performance “revolutionary.”

The 29-year-old singer is launching a partnership with the company to create an “unprecedented, technology-infused Grammy moment,” according to the project’s website.

“I want to make something new, something unimagined. To reach out and touch the world in ways I never could before,” Gaga says in a video for the site. “It all starts here on music’s biggest stage. With Intel’s technology at my fingertips, everything will change.”illuminati grammy awards satanic ritual david bowie tribute antichrist satanic ritual intel technology matrix exposed lady gaga illuminati satanic ritual for the 2016 58th grammy awards must see warning Jesus Christ is king of Kings and Lord of Lords this fallen world praises lady gaga full Grammy performance David bowie tribute but it is a deception from the father of lies

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Fast and Furious 7 – The Illuminati Making $$$ on Paul Walker’s Blood Sacrifice EXPOSED !!!

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The Illuminati is a powerful network of elite secret societies that are working to establish the NWO aka Anti-Christ Kingdom prophesied in the bible! They are responsible to the murder of Paul Walker and now with the Fast and Furious 7 movie coming out they will cash in on their evil occult ritual! They are purely corrupted and evil to the bone! They are a death cult who get high on death, war, destruction! It is their heroin and they just can’t get enough! In this video I expose this evil and satanic agenda! Please share this video !!! God Bless and STAY VIGILANT !!!

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Aaliyah Illumninati interview with MTV leads to Sacrifice ritual! Secrets revealed!

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Aaliyah interview about Kemet (Egypt) Ankh may have caused Illuminati to sacrifice her! Mason reveals “secrets” for MTV!


Back in the day, Pop superstar Aaliyah Dana Haughton did an interview with MTV on show called “Stripped”. During the interview, she was asked about her tattoos. Aaliyah had at least 4 at the time, however, the one that she chose to speak about was her Kemetic “Egyptian” Ankh on her right wrist.

Here’s what she had to say about it. “I don’t know if you heard that I am really enthralled with Egypt. And in my apartment in New York, I have authentic Egyptian pictures, Egyptian rugs, pyramids
and a lot of different little Egyptian artifacts around my place. And I just have this, I feel this connection with Egypt for some reason. So I really want to get, represent something on my body. I have a few tattoos, and I wanted to get one that was Egyptian, This is the newest one, its about a month old”

I tend to read women very well, and I think that Aaliyah was lying, or rather deceiving the interviewer. You can clearly see that she is forming different Mudras, or hand postures while she’s talks about the obviously sensitive subject. And you can hear how uncomfortable she is even talking about it.
Further more, if you look into her eyes, you can clearly see that she is holding something back!

A lot of celebrities are involved with different occult groups. And it honestly wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Aaliyah was a member of the Order of The Eastern Star. She was around people like Jay -z, R. Kelly, who she married, and Dam Dash, the man she was engaged to at the time of her death.

Nothing really surprises me about celebrities! Until I see one of them rip his or her face off and reveal they’re an alien, I will continue to not be surprised one bit by their antics!

So, after watching the video clip, do you think that Aaliyah was in a weirdo Secret Society or cult group such as the Order of The Eastern Stars? Was she a Sentinel in the order? Did she guard the door to make sure that only actual members of the cult enter? Are pictures gonna pop up of her wearing upside down stars, white fez hats and talking about being a daughter of Isis? I hope not!

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Nicki Minaj BET AWARDS 2014 Illuminati Satanic Occult Ritual EXPOSED !!! Illuminati Spells!

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The Illuminati are not missing out on any chance to cast their satanic spells over society in these end days! Again Nicki Minaj a Illuminati demon possessed puppet performed a occult ritual at the BET awards! Check their website and you will see they even say “watch Nicki cast a spell” !!! Truth hidden in plain sight! In this video I expose this satanic occult ritual! God Bless and please share the video

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Zendaya Illuminati ritual fail – Rhianna cast as Aaliyah in movie?

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So you probably heard the news by now that Zendaya Coleman lost her role in the Aaliyah biopic from the Lifetime Network. And the news that Pop superstar Rhianna was cast as the new lead spread quickly!

And all of this made me thing about something.

I remember hearing years ago, that celebrities said that they performed rituals to invoke a deceased persons spirit to enter them, so that they’d not just act out a role of a dead celebrity or historical figure. But rather become that person by letting them inside of them.

And I had an interesting thought. Did Zendaya attempt to invoke the spirit of Aaliyah and was not able to pull off the ritual? Did the Illuminati in Hollyweird, “Black Ball” her? And snatch the film role from her clutches?

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