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That Poppy is a YouTube channel that revolves around a young artist called Poppy, she uploads videos to the world wide web and That Poppy’s videos are directed by a guy called Titanic Sinclair. Whose made projects similar to That Poppy’s YouTube Channel, Such as Mars Argo. Who used to make videos with Titanic Sinclair just like That Poppy does now. Mars Argo went missing and Titanic has stated they broke up and is now working with Poppy.

Reacting to Poppy, YouTube's Illuminati Queen!!!

While this has happened with Mars Argo stuff still doesn’t add up as there has been a video involving Mars Argo where she appears to throw up blood. While Titanic Sinclair also Seems to reference this particular video in That Poppys video. Even on That Poppy Vevo there used to be a song describing the video.
In this video I attempt to find out some of the mysteries of ThatPoppy and the channels around That Poppy.

Who Is Poppy?

All the best to That Poppy and Titanic Sinclair. Hope you take the world by storm!
That Poppy better be careful, same to Titanic Sinclair as from what I found it looks like the illuminati is close. That’s right I said the Illuminati


THAT POPPY Hidden ARG (Theory)

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